A Review On Managing Intracranial Bleeding

From the beginning, I knew I wanted to do a topic that related to an emergency situation. As crazy as it sounds, I have always been interested in being involved in hemorrhagic cases.  Being introduced to epidural hematoma and subarachnoid hemorrhage once before, I wanted to review a journal that related to intracranial bleeding.  And as a result, I felt that this informative journal article on managing intracranial pressure was right up my alley. Continue reading “A Review On Managing Intracranial Bleeding”

Black Out.

I really couldn’t give two s**ts about preparing a meal, for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner. I was already grinched up because I was scheduled for a mandatory tech shift at the hospital. Sadly, I’m not really big on contributing to the feast. Just like in any other workplace, if you work on Thanksgiving, you can assume there will be a potluck of sorts. Hell, you probably wouldn’t want my butt making anything anyway. I’m the type of guy you send out to the store to get last minute things. The guy you don’t want wasting time in the kitchen. The tool. Lol. I’m ok with it. I’m like Dr. Huxtable on his adventures in the rain, during Thanksgiving. Continue reading “Black Out.”

Young At Heart

In light of gaining community health exposure, our school set us up to volunteer for a Young Hearts for Life event, yesterday. This particular event was set up at the Lyon’s Township High School, IL. And let me start off by saying, damn this school was huge. Sure as hell a lot more elaborate than my upbringing, I could tell you that. I felt like I was at Hogwarts in that place. You could literally get lost in there. A ton of spoiled rich/upper middle class kids, I could tell you that. Lol. Continue reading “Young At Heart”