Health Administrative Functions and Roles

::written circa. Fall 2013.

Once again, for the fourth round of interviews, I was happily able to touch base with Jennifer Sheckler.  As previously recorded, Jennifer is the leading health administrator at the Children & Teens Medical Center, in Schaumburg, IL.  Mrs. Jennifer Sheckler collaborates with a team of highly trained & intelligent individuals.  This facility, along side three other branches in the Schaumburg area, specialize in family medicine (ie. specific for pediatrics, children and teens under the age of 18.  Fortunately, this week’s interview wasn’t rushed and it was certainly more relaxed and easygoing, once again.  However, the interview wasn’t as elaborate as the others, possibly due to the fact of the redundancy felt by the interviewee.  Nonetheless, the interview was concise and straight to the point.  And still, fortunately, Jennifer has been so very kind in helping me through this educational journey.

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Internal Operations: The Starting Point Towards Health Care Success

circa. Fall 2013.

This Friday, for my third week of interviews, I was still privileged to have Jennifer Sheckler embarking on this educational journey with me.  Again, Jennifer is currently the health administrative lead at the Children & Teens Medical Center, in Schaumburg, IL.  She works along side with a team of a dozen physicians, as well as a group of health administrative assistants.  This facility mainly focuses on family medicine, in which they specialize their care delivery towards those mainly 18 years or younger in age.  In my opinion, this third week of interviews was more rushed than the others.  Unfortunately, it was a Friday and I could only assume that Jennifer was in a hurry to get home.  I don’t blame her. Nonetheless, she was still very insightful, informing me on her everyday life.

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External Influences: A Key to Health Delivery Success

::written circa. Fall 2013

This past Tuesday, for this second week of interviews, I was still fortunate to have spoken with Jennifer Sheckler.  As a recap from last week, Jennifer is currently (and has been for 15 years) the health manager at the Children & Teens Medical Center, in Schaumburg, IL.  Along with a team of health assistants and a dozen of physicians, she manages an outpatient facility that focuses on offering primary care, specializing in family medicine.  Luckily, without piercing her tick point of mind numbing monotony, I was able to gather a few points on her experiences and thoughts on external influences, in relation to health care delivery.

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