Haunted Hospitals: Friday the 13th.

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In light of Friday the 13th, I work tonight. #LOL. I’m down for some ghost stories. Who isn’t

Sadly, I have never experienced such supernatural event in a hospital. It’s not that I’m hoping for such things. But, I think it would be a fun story to tell and look back on. I could only express stories that I’ve heard from fellow professionals.

I was a patient care technician, at the time. I was working the grave yard shift. #FML. The night was slow and all of our patients were sound asleep. The only people running the floor were myself, another tech, and the two nurses. One of those nurses took the time to tell us some hospital related ghost stories and funny experiences.

The first story involved a little kid. Of course it did. There was talk across the hospital about various patients, whom have past away, still lurking around their bedroom. She talked about this once lawyer, still shutting doors and closets from time to time, in his once room at the far back end of the hallway. And sometimes you can still hear his screams.


At the hospital I worked at, each room had their own window. It was late in the night, of course. And apparently, on this night, there was an unusual increase in patient call-lights going off. One patient said to the nurse that she saw a little kid standing outside of the window, dressed in all red. The kid knocked on the window, calling for help. She continued to tell the nurse that the kid was looking for his family and that he was also looking for something to eat.

Of course, the nurse didn’t mind the story. Just as any, we begin to wonder if they needed a psych consultation. Until…all the other patients on the floor…said the same thing…

Next story.

One late night, two nurses were working on the floor. One nurse had a patient that just past away. She got a call, to go to the room, to do her assessment and help in pronouncing a patient. But, this nurse was swamped. She was just too busy at the moment for anything like that. Or she was sleeping in the break room…one of those variations. Any who, as a result, she kindly delegated the task to one of her close nurse buddies.

That nursing buddy, accepted the task, without question. After all they’re great friends. This nurse suited up. She put a gown on, slipped on a mask, and then put on her gloves, before entering the room. She then proceeded slowly towards the patient, to check for breathing and heart rate. Then suddenly, the patient moved, coughed, and was startled abruptly.

That same nurse ran out of the room screaming her lungs out. Apparently, she went into the wrong room…



Author: nursesarereal

My nursing professor once said that keeping a journal, over time, will allow me to see growth. In myself? I’m not sure yet. I’m hoping. I like to believe that nursing school saved my life. Maybe I’ll have some fun doing this. Cheers.

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