The Flaws of Psychiatric Care: Not Drug Testing Welfare Recipients.

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First, I’d like to start off this post by saying Happy Belated Thanksgiving to everyone!

More and more again, I’ve been tuning into the news and seeing talks about drug testing welfare recipients. And to be honest, as an inpatient psychiatric nurse, I can’t help but argue FOR drug testing.

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I certainly fell off the band wagon of journaling, these past several months. To all my readers, I sincerely apologize. Lots of catching up to do, I suppose. So, I’ll just jump right into it. Continue reading “Reunited.”

Homeless and Prison

::written circa. Fall 2015.

To tell you the truth, I really haven’t given it much thought, in regards to the homeless. I believe homeless people come from anywhere really. I believe it can happen to anyone. With my pre-existing biases and ignorance, I assume homelessness relates heavily on socioeconomic factors, poor-decision making, bad habits and substance abuse. Homelessness can stem from a long chain of events that can cause chronic depression and neglect. I imagine their day-to-day lives involve consistently searching for the basic necessities of life and exhausting their imagination in a very conservative way. In addition, I believe that many of our homeless people today are psychiatric patients, who are under diagnosed, with the lack of medical and social support.

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