The Thong Conundrum: Ventrogluteal Injections

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Happy Sunday Post! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

So…there we were…debriefing at the nurses station. It was myself, my LVN, and 3 of my assistants (one of which is a new addition to the crew). Without a doubt, the veterans and myself were thinking the same thing…Why did he pull down the thong?  Continue reading “The Thong Conundrum: Ventrogluteal Injections”

Nursing vs Intake: The Never Ending Battle

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1500. Shift change. Acuity of the unit…high. Packed house. Seclusion rooms occupied. Intake calls…

“We have the admit here, ready to come to your unit.”

Me: (WTF?) Continue reading “Nursing vs Intake: The Never Ending Battle”

Absent Without Leave: The Joker within Me.

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Until recently, I’ve been dabbling my career in subacute-skilled facilities. The “medical side,” for the lack of a better way to put things.  I have spent nearly 6 months away from the field…only to find out that I’m back in psych.

Fml. *mic drop* Continue reading “Absent Without Leave: The Joker within Me.”