NCLEX HELP! What Should I Use?

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I recently got an email from Emily, from Chicago Heights, IL. Shout out to Emily! Thanks for the email! Like many, she said that she was struggling right now, studying for the big NCLEX test. She’s not getting the practice scores that she wants and she is asking about what resources should she be using? Continue reading “NCLEX HELP! What Should I Use?”

Can’t Trust Nobody: The Story of a Loving Sister

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Happy Sunday Post Everyone!

It would be too cliche to say that “the world isn’t perfect” or “we’re all mad here.” Sometimes the ones that you love most, are also the ones causing the most damage. Continue reading “Can’t Trust Nobody: The Story of a Loving Sister”

Time Stands Still: Deciding Whether to Go Back to School?

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Happy Thursday Post Everyone!

I’ve been thinking about the idea of going back to school lately. Should I strive to get a nurse practitioners license? Maybe take on the physician’s assistant route? Pursue a leadership role and work my way through an administrative degree? Or maybe even, do nothing and just work, saving money for retirement, the “white picket fence,” etc.

I’d like to consider this a #tips4success and a #dayinthelife post, not because I’m giving anyone advice/telling people what to do, but rather bringing to light several questions that I have personally come across that might trigger light bulbs in your head too.

Bare with me. This post may be long. So, if you make it through, I applaud you for your efforts. Continue reading “Time Stands Still: Deciding Whether to Go Back to School?”