Cert Hearing Episode #2: The BBC Action

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So, there I sat, in another certification hearing for a 14 day involuntary hold. After reading off her routine medication list, I waited for my patient, to have her turn to speak. Sweet, tiny, little asian girl. In her 20s, blue-greenish hair, can’t recall how she got a black eye, poor insight and certainly forgets her limitations. Sadly for her, my patient was being kept on the basis of Grave Disability. Continue reading “Cert Hearing Episode #2: The BBC Action”

Dying to Be Thin: Reactions to a Highlighted Documentary

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For extra credit in my nutrition course, we were presented to watch a documentary on eating disorders. Needless to say, we had to write a quick summary of what we thought. Below, I added the link to the documentary, for your viewing pleasure too. Continue reading “Dying to Be Thin: Reactions to a Highlighted Documentary”

Busy Parents and Calcium

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When it comes to school and raising children, ages 1-8, the essence of time is forever limiting. Attempting to prioritize time and planning the next meal for your children can be stressful, for any parent. Whether or not your child is getting enough calcium, in their daily diet, becomes one of the biggest concerns. Continue reading “Busy Parents and Calcium”