Nurse Licensure Compact: What It Means for You

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When I was a senior in nursing school, I remember presenting a project in my “Nursing Scope” class. The presentation was about the “Nurse Licensure Compact, the NLC.” Side Note: Our presentation was on point. #lol #fyoumean. In my plans to transfer my license to the State of Texas, the Lone Star State, I felt this post couldn’t be more relevant. If you’re wondering what the NLC is, what it means for you, etc…. You’ve come to the right place!  Continue reading “Nurse Licensure Compact: What It Means for You”

Protein Supplements: Is it Really Necessary?

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Let me just say this…I’m obviously no expert on the matter. And I’m sure there’s a ton of research/peer-reviewed articles out there, youtube videos, other blog posts, etc. I’ve literally only taken one beginner’s course in nutrition. At that’s it…maybe a more advanced nutrition course, in the near future, because I enjoyed it. But, through my experiences in the course, the question still remains…are protein supplements really necessary? This is my take on it. Continue reading “Protein Supplements: Is it Really Necessary?”

Getting Your ACLS Certification: Shout Out to Advanced Care Nurses!

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After a long time of thinking about getting my ACLS, then rescheduling it 3 times, I finally got around to getting my ACLS certification! Continue reading “Getting Your ACLS Certification: Shout Out to Advanced Care Nurses!”