Veteran Success in Civilian Life: What’s the Disconnect?

There are veterans who make it. And sadly, veterans who don’t… find success in civilian life that is.

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Lately, I’ve been pondering on this question. Why are some Veterans successful, when they come back home from deployment, and others not so much? What’s the disconnect? Where does the failure lie? What tools or resources, if any, does one have over the other?

I’ve been caring for the Veteran population, going on 6 months now. And I’ve seen a handful of them get admitted to the psychiatric unit, all kinds of “out of shape.” On the other hand, some of my very own colleagues are Veterans too! So, what’s the problem here? Why do some Veterans end up admitted to a mental health facility and some find themselves employed at those same places?

I started asking my Veteran colleagues, for their input.

One Veteran stated “Some of these guys were scumbags- who couldn’t hack it, during and even before the military.”

Another Veteran said, “some Vets are not educated, counseled/advised of all the resources and tools available to them upon discharge. In turn, setting Vets up for failure, especially the ones who have real PTSD.”

Another Veteran states, “it’s all bullshit, the system and mental health. You would know clear signs of TBI and PTSD the second they leave the military…not 3-4 years later. These are lazy individuals, finding out/learning they can get more service connection money, just by saying they’re psychotic or mentally ill, so they can endorse their drug habits. Some of these lazy snakes get 100% service connection, making $4000+ per month. Tax dollars! How are we as a nation going to keep up with these people?! Meanwhile, I worked hard every inch that I got. I made something of myself, and I still get jack for service connection. The system is broken.”

What are your thoughts? What’s the disconnect?



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Author: nursesarereal

My nursing professor once said that keeping a journal, over time, will allow me to see growth. In myself? I’m not sure yet. I’m hoping. I like to believe that nursing school saved my life. Maybe I’ll have some fun doing this. Cheers.

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