I can certainly be cynical and crabby, at times. Hell, I’m human. I’m just as entitled and salty, as the best of them. But, I do feel that I need to spare the time to give credit, where credit is due.

I’d like to dedicate this blog and professional journey (and always have) to my peers and professors, my family, and most importantly…my mother.

This goes out to my co-workers and peers, my professors and once classmates. This is for the CNAs and LVNs alike, the career changers (like myself), etc., who all aspire to one day become an RN and even further. Trust me. Enjoy that part of your life, while you can. It’s all relevant and the same. The higher you go in any field…the more stressful it will be and the more responsibilities you will have.

This is for all my classmates who had kids and a job(s), throughout nursing school. For me, I had the luxury of just studying. But, many of you didn’t. And even to think when I was stressed, you all had it 10x worse. I applaud each and everyone one of you, everyday. And I am still inspired by all of you. So, if you’re currently a student, with kids and a job to make ends meet…#trustme…it can be done. I don’t know how…but it can.

This is for all the current nurses out there, who share the trials and tribulations of being in this field. F our lives. #Smh. Lol. There are so many great nurses out there. And I could only hope to be as passionate and caring, as many of you. Hell, I’m not perfect.

This is to all my professors who had to teach my not-paying attention, sleeping, half-assing behind. Lol. Too bad I did well and knew all the answers! #Suckit. Lol. NOTE: If you do well in school and know all the answers to whatever professors ask you…they’ll get off your back about things. Haha.

Now…let me say is everything. And I can’t say that enough. Or even just some type of good, well-grounded support system, for that matter. My family has kept me through my pain and suffering. My mother, my father, my brother and close friends were all there for my bulls***. And trust me…there was a TON of bulls***. They kept me above water, so to speak. And to say the least, I wouldn’t have changed my life around and finished school, without them.

Last but not least…Mom. Mom, when I was younger, I watched you come home from work. You were doing nights at Maryland General. I watched you come home, and the first thing you would do is sit on the couch, sigh, and slip off those white, awful looking nursing shoes. They didn’t seem comfortable…because every time you took them off, your face cringed. You were tired, your feet hurt, and all I did was jump up and down to figure out what we were going to do that day, what we were going to eat, etc. You came home from a long night and you still didn’t get to sleep until after lunch. You went straight to cooking in the kitchen, to put food on that table. #CalmDownDad. You did a lot too. Lol.

Mom, I remember the months before going off to medical school, you told me to try nursing first. And I remember telling you that “I didn’t want to be like you. A nurse?” I ignorantly laughed. But, you were right. It kind of haunts me everyday. I was young, ignorant and stupid. For all the years you were a nurse, I owe a lot to you. I still have so much to learn. I know that. And if there is anything that I’m thankful for, it would be that by being an RN, I will be able to learn more about your life and what you have gone through.



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