If I Could Trade Places.

I’m nearly 28 now and I’m back in school. Hell by this age, I feel that I should’ve at least finished a masters or something. Hell I should have finished a freaking doctorate, by now. I have nothing to show for these past 6/7 years, post undergrad. I have a job, but no true career, student loans out the ass, barely anything saved in the bank, no woman in my life. I now live in a small apartment, in the suburbs, west of Chicago. What am I doing?… Continue reading “If I Could Trade Places.”

Nursing School: First Week Tips for #Success!


Another quarter has just begun. All the students (including myself), professors, administrators, advisors are already getting overwhelmed with all the work. And for this Fall 2015 quarter, I am taking my OB/GYN/PEDS course. I’ll keep you updated on that. Haha. Oh man, fml. Super excited, nonetheless. Continue reading “Nursing School: First Week Tips for #Success!”