A Tiny Thread Brings Hope for Tomorrow

My mother once brought home a few bracelets from her work, church friends, or mahjong buddies #LOL; and ended up giving me one. With spring time around the corner-filled with brighter skies of joy, till this day, I believe it’s a great charity to give back to.

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#7 Part 1. PTSD: A Glimpse into a Veteran’s Life.


DISCRETION IS ADVISED. Please note, this week’s topics revolve around guns. With that said, it is intended for mature audiences. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. And I say this now, I do endorse responsibility and not irresponsibility.

Over the weekend, for the first time ever, I went to a legitimate gun range. And I had a blast. Continue reading “#7 Part 1. PTSD: A Glimpse into a Veteran’s Life.”