Indirect Vertical Violence: Knowledge Falls Short

I find it ignorant when people say “he/she is ONLY a nursing assistant, they can’t do that.”

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#Week6- 76 Shades of Grey: “A Side Woman Was the Best Love Making.”


Before everyone gets their panties in a bunch (like my girlfriend), let me just say that it’s not what you think and this story isn’t for everyone. Lol. To that regard, I’m really just sharing a funny/sad story of my patients. Please be advised that this post is intended for mature audiences. Continue reading “#Week6- 76 Shades of Grey: “A Side Woman Was the Best Love Making.””

#Week5- Heart Awareness to Students and Professionals


Another year, another campaign for heart awareness month. No, the heart doesn’t “speak to you.” Those vengeful feelings of your ex-sweetheart are in your head and not in your heart. Lay off those romantic soap operas my friend. For a simplistic way of saying it, your heart cycles oxygen throughout your whole body… so that you can live. Duh. 
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