Freedom of Speech in Healthcare… Isn’t that Free After All.

In a world of technology, social media, and freedom of speech , you can never stop second guessing yourself and asking “is this something I could do? Or is this something I should do?

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#7 Part 2. Revisiting the Mandalay Bay Shooting


DISCRETION IS ADVISED. Please note, this week’s topics revolve around guns. With that said, it is intended for mature audiences. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. And I say this now, I do endorse responsibility and not irresponsibility.

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#Week4- Nursing Fundamentals. The Forgotten Process Recording.


There’s nothing like walking onto a unit, for a 12 hour shift; after a 2 week vacation to some tropical island, receiving  an alert on your phone that reads “MISSLE INBOUND,” singing karaoke with strangers, drinking Mai Tais, getting married to a local, all while doing the Cha-Cha Slide. 

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